Achieve more by providing people what they want: TIME

Netikitt 247 revolutionizes how job seekers find, apply for, and schedule interviews by using a sophisticated AI engine that ensures personalized recruitment. Netikitt 247 takes personalization of opportunities from the employer to you!

Imagine a world where you are constantly offered jobs by companies who want to hire your skills. You don’t have to spend hours searching and applying because AI will find the perfect position for every one of them!

Artificial intelligence is the key to giving you a fresh new job in just minutes. The best Company will automatically choose from all available positions and mail it straight to your inbox! Results-driven, fast service: we know how busy people are these days, so our AI takes care of everything.

You don’t have time for resumes or interviews anymore because there’s always something better waiting right at your fingertips. AI saves hours every week by sending out automated messages on behalf of the employer when they need someone replaced.

Artificial intelligence will change the way you approach job applications forever. No more waiting weeks for a response, nor submitting your resume to be rejected – instead, artificial intelligence can send out jobs that both parties are interested in starting right away after acceptance without any hassle or stress involved!

With changes happening in today’s world with remote working (and The Great Resignation), this could be an essential step towards helping humanity live more productive lives. In addition, the ability for employers to hire on-demand and have access at any time will transform how we work as individuals.

What could be more rewarding than being offered jobs regularly, and you decide what is best for you, not the other way around. The Company benefits from having the best-selected candidate for the position. And you can contribute with passion.

Netikitt 24/7 is a future application where creators connect with freelance opportunities worldwide. Work in the comfort of your own home, exploring endless possibilities for employment and income.

This application is a solution based using DeSo as the base blockchain.

The concept of connecting AI into a blockchain system allowing creators to connect with freelance opportunities worldwide.

The Great Opportunity

An overview of what we will be moving towards and why.

  • Achieve more by providing people what they want: TIME
  • Remote working is the future of the workforce.
  • Allow retirees ‘Generation X’ to assist in solving problems while giving back.
  • Freedom, flexibility and work-life balance all boil down to the appreciation of time.
  • Balance life with work, so it all feels like one fluid entity.
  • The Great Opportunity is a new age of togetherness and unity. The time when we can work as one team, with everyone valued equally.